I have a love hate relationship with Wonder Woman. You probably understand what I mean without my having to explain it.

She’s the original. I feel like she deserves our respect. Yet, the time-honored over-sexualization of her character makes me uncomfortable. I hesitate to present her to my five year old daughter (who has seen her, but has yet to become enchanted by her, interestingly).

Why can’t Wonder Woman be brought into the 21st century the way Batgirl has? Maybe she will be in the near future, as a result of the new Batgirl’s popularity.

So, when I saw the latest Wonder Woman cover my reaction was, “Making progress but still a lot of room for improvement.”


But then I happened to stumble across another image of Wonder Woman on the Internet and it intrigued me. It seemed, while still not what I have in mind for her, a much more girl-friendly, all-ages Diana.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 10.38.53 AM


The ‘toonier look and feel appealed to me. The emphasis seemed much more on the story and the action than on what the female body looks like from extreme angles during the story and the action.

So, I picked up a digital copy at Comixology and gave it a spin┬ábefore deciding whether or not to read it to my kids. I was pleasantly surprised. There’s an unexpected subplot introduced which is kind of cool. And the lack of expository dialogue is A++. (Man, do my kids start checking out during the expository dialogue sections of comics.) It’s short, and sweet and tells a satisfying story.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 10.54.06 AM

It was kind of funny when I read it to the kids. They kept asking if Wonder Woman was a teenager now, presumably because of the more cartoonish style of the book.

I recommend this one. It’s a great WW title that you can feel good about adding to your kid’s collection.

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