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Turn A $2 Comic Into A Television Event

  I bring home new comics for my two kids at least once a month, if not twice a month. I always buy them the same number of comics each (about three or four). My kids are five and seven years old – not quite at the reading level required for even a younger title like “Gotham […]

Saving Gotham Academy

There were some murmurings on Twitter today about the future of the amazing new DC Comics title, “Gotham Academy.” As I mentioned in “Batgirl Is A Programmer,” I consider “Gotham Academy” to be part of a small revolution taking place in the comics market. I don’t know how much of a limb DC went out […]

The Opposition To Better Female Superheroes

Today, somewhat serendipitously, my favorite venture capitalist posted a video of his spouse giving the keynote speech at this year’s Womens Entrepreneur Festival. The blog is mostly about venture capital and entrepreneurship, and some really smart people hang out there. The video lit me up because in it, this woman, a highly respected angel investor […]


Batgirl Is A Programmer

No, really. Batgirl IS a programmer. There’s a tiny revolution happening in comics and it’s coming from the current “Batgirl” comic story. I’ve scanned the comic book racks for anything else with the girl-positive, savvy, modern swagger of “Batgirl,” and the only thing that comes close is another “Batman” offspring, the brand new “Gotham Academy.” And […]

DIY Superhero

My daughter charges into the kitchen from the front room, with a fierce look on her face. She stops suddenly and strikes a powerful, dynamic, dramatic pose. She launches a session of “guess who:” “Guess who I am!” “Who?” “Sparkles!” “Awesome!” “Guess who YOU are!” “Who?” “Daisy Thrash!” “Yessssss!” Just who are Sparkles and Daisy Thrash? They’re […]

Why Superheroes Really Could Save The World

This post is not about convincing girls to become engineers. It’s about the fictional superheroes who typically come to mind when the topic is raised. Several months ago I came across this video shared by The Gotham Gal on her blog. It was produced by USC’s “Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day” program, and you should absolutely […]