I examine every Twitter follower I get closely. You can’t be too sure these days whether a follower is a real person or a bot! It’s truly a 21st century problem. The upside is that all this closer examination often leads me to find out cool things about new followers that I probably wouldn’t know if I just automatically followed back.

This weekend a new follower led me to discover a really cool project called Hack It Back. Hack It Back describes itself like this:

…a new non-profit focusing on teaching technology and leadership tools to teenage girls, so they can learn how to make their own media and represent themselves.

They pursue this mission via workshops, curriculum, online community and community partnerships.

The program is based in New York City and does its work mainly there. But I think what they’re doing ┬ápresents a wonderful model for anyone who might want to do something similar in her own city.



Hack It Back asks teenage girls, “Do you see images in the games you play, or the movies you watch, that you wish you could change?” Their message of, “If you can’t see it, make it,” reminds me a lot of the Geena Davis Institute’s slogan, “If she can see it, she can be it.” Hack It Back is aimed at teens, while GDI is aimed at girls 11 years old and younger. So the teenagers are going to make the images that the pre-teens can see and then be!


If you love what Hack It Back is doing but aren’t in the NYC area, you can always make a donation. And you can download and print their AWESOME stickers that they encourage you to slap on public images of women that you wish were different. OH YEAH, I do love an organization that gets into guerrilla tactics.


What can’t you see that you wish you could make when it comes to women and girls in the media? Check out the 14 projects that have already been created by Hack It Back participants for inspiration.

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