Denizens of the comics world have known about The Hawkeye Initiative for at least a couple of years. But as a mere consumer, and somewhat of a newcomer at that, I had not until today. I’ve blown at least an hour perusing the site, and I don’t regret a second of it.


The Hawkeye Initiative is a Tumblr that invites people to submit their own renderings of the superhero Hawkeye. The twist? He’s to be rendered in the same position and state of undress as an image of any well-known female comic character (preferably superhero). The results are as hilarious as you might imagine.

I’m only going to share three images from the site here, because (i) it’s not cool to use more, and (ii) I want you to go to  and see it for yourself. I promise, you’ll get a huge laugh out of it.


The site is meant to call out the ridiculous “boob and butt” poses (wherein both the character’s boobs and butt are visible from a single angle) and pornographic outfits (or often, more like paint jobs) in which so many of our super sisters find themselves.

The artwork is all submissions from the outside, so the quality varies. But the result even in some of the rougher sketches, is still hilarious. Enjoy!


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