Feminism is intrinsically linked to other human rights movements. They are all connected like the fingers of a hand. And, while I’ve focused a great deal on talking about better comics and superheroes for girls, over on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, the London School for Economics has been organizing this week’s Comics, Human Rights and Representation event. The week is dedicated to asking the question:

Why do super-powered genetic mutations select white people almost exclusively? Why, if super-soldier serum and weaponized armor allows for heroics regardless of natural strength, are there no super-strong women?

It aims to promote the discussion around bringing comics into the 21st century. Or, as BOOM! comics publisher CEO recently said,

Let’s talk about how we can all Push #ComicsForward. Because comic books should be for everyone.

The week is co-sponsored by TalkingComicBooks.com, a web site dedicated to covering the latest and greatest in comic book releases. Their podcast, The Missfits, is run entirely by women, by the way. Head on over and read the week’s brief and exciting introduction here:

Comics, Human Rights, and Representation: An Introduction

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Then sit down with a nice hot cup of whatever pleases you and give this amazing longer piece a read, Taking the Long Way: The Super-Heroine’s Struggle for Respect. I learned so much about the ‘hidden’ history of female superheroes from this!

I can hardly wait for tomorrow’s posts. They’re publishing two a day all week. Please read and share them and help make the event a splash.

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