One of the comic books that I often see on lists of great comics for girls is Lumberjanes. I’ll confess I haven’t checked it out yet (not superhero-y enough for me right now). Turns out, though, that one of the original writers on that series, Noelle Stevenson, is the creator of a digital comic series titled, Nimona.

Stevenson published Nimona, herself, online. It was a bit of a hit and will be published by HarperCollins as a young adult graphic novel early this year.

Luckily, you can still check it out, completely free, on her site.

I read through almost the entire series today. I definitely kept clicking to find out what would happen next.


Nimona is the main character, a female ‘sidekick’ to a super villain. But, that doesn’t really describe it at all. Because Nimona turns all the themes of comics and superheroes and villains topsy turvy. The writing is really fresh and inventive, yet solidly built on the foundations that make a great story.

It probably isn’t fast-paced or action-oriented enough to hold the attention of younger kids. But I’d say nine or ten years old and up will really dig it. The action does improve as the series goes on. There is one use of “sh*t” once in an early episode. But after that, I haven’t seen anything that would be inappropriate for kids.


It’s great story telling with characters in which one quickly becomes invested. Nimona, her “boss,” their nemesis are all multi-faceted and complex.

There’s a secret backstory that slowly unfolds as you go. I find that part really satisfying and a big reason why I keep wanting more.

Head on over to to read this innovative story. And, if you really like it, spring for a pre-order of the book to show the powers that be we’re willing to pay for great entertainment for girls.


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