My travels on Twitter led me to discover the comic book series, “Lilith Dark” this week. I hadn’t heard of it before, and I was excited that it’s available on Comixology. No delaying gratification 🙂  Lilith describes herself on her Twitter profile like this:

One Little Girl, One BIG Adventure! All-ages comic by @CharlesDowd. Action! Adventure! Monster battles & beasties! Available now!

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This evening, I sat down with my 5 year old daughter and 7 year old son to give “Lilith Dark” the ultimate test:  Do The Kids Sit Still For It? (Or, DTKSSFI.)

The spoiler:  Yes. Yes they do. And they ask for more.

We read issues 1 – 3 (digital format) together.

When we first started reading, I was skeptical because this appears to be a story about a girl’s imaginings, not her actual superhero adventures. It’s probably just my own hangup, but I’m on the lookout for girl superheroes, specifically. However, the writing is really engaging and the art even more so. The kids were riveted. And so my skepticism soon melted away.

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I don’t want to give too much away, and since we’ve gotten just through the first three issues, there’s lots I don’t know. But, Lilith’s imaginary world – often fueled by her older brother’s fantasy drawings – and her real world collide, providing spell-binding adventures for the younger reader.

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There’s a spooky tree, a mysterious “kitteh,” an annoying but caring big sister, and a colony of something Lilith and her brother call, “Beasties.”

From what I’ve seen so far (as I say, just three issues into it), there is zero sexualization of the female characters. All the characters have a comfy, rumpled, real-life relatable quality. Yet at the same time, the art is other-worldly, bold and enchanting when it needs to be. Lilith, herself, is a self-confident, adventurous, imaginative kid.

Importantly: it’s all action. There are no pages of panels where people just talk to each other. Whenever I encounter that, I know we’re gonna fail the DTKSSFI test.

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“Lilith Dark” is great fun and has the mojo that draws kids in. It’s the kind of multi-faceted, earthy yet magical story that tends to take root and become more than a passing fancy. A “keeper,” one might say.

You can pick up the anthology of all six existing issues for a mere six bucks at Comixology. Enjoy!

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