Why Do We Teach Girls That Fear Is Cute?
Image by ND Strupler Some rights reserved.


In today’s New York Times, San Francisco firefighter and author of the forthcoming book “The Gutsy Girl: Escapades for Your Life of Epic Adventure,” Caroline Paul, has written an opinion piece about normalizing fear in girls.


While I often think about battling fear of failure in my daughter, I rarely stop to ask if I’m teaching her to be afraid of physical daring. Do I coddle her or helicopter-parent when she’s considering doing something that comes with physical risk, like skate boarding or surfing?

Paul reports that in a recent study focused on, coincidentally, a playground fire pole, parents cautioned their daughters about the dangers of the fire pole significantly more than they did their sons and were much more likely to assist them. But both moms and dads directed their sons to face their fears, with instruction on how to complete the task on their own.

“We think our daughters are more fragile, both physically and emotionally, than our sons.”

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